Hello beautiful you...

I’m so grateful you’re here.
I have a feeling you’ve found you’re way here because you’re ready to CREATE LASTING CHANGE in your life?

You’re ready to BREAK UP WITH SELF DOUBT, free yourself from your mind and learn to trust you?
You’re ready to start following your inner knowing and CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE - one that lights you up and is full of ease, joy & magic?
You’re ready to STOP JUDGING YOU and making yourself wrong?
You’re ready to build a beautiful relationship with you, and LEARN TO LOVE YOU?

And you’re ready to commit to your life and SHIFT LIMITING BELIEFS that are keeping you stuck looping back to the same ‘problems' over and over again?

If you’ve answered YES to one (or more) of the above questions, you’re in the right place, and I can help!

I have a question to ask you: What if you’re NOT as messed up as you think you are?
My names Ashlee Rose.
 I’m an Energy / Mindset Coach, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Podcast Host & Speaker here to empower you to create a life you’re actually excited to get out of bed for!

In April 2018 my life hit rock bottom. I had severe anxiety and depression and I didn’t want to be here anymore. I felt disconnected, disempowered, insecure, had no confidence, constantly doubted myself and truly believed there was something inherently wrong with me.. that was until I was introduced to Access Consciousness® - a phenomenal set of tools and techniques which changed the course of my life, forever!

I learnt how to trust me, free myself from my mind, start my own business, heal my relationships, actually like me and create a life I’m excited to get out of bed for!

What if you too, had the power and the tools to change the course of your life, forever?

I’m here to guide you in clearing all the limiting beliefs, sub-conscious programming and thoughts in your head keeping you stuck, in order to reveal your true self- not the walking problem you think you are!

Where I was...

I get it. I’ve been there too, for most of my life. Believing and thinking I was messed up and wrong lead me on an extremely long journey (one in which lasted 8 years) and cost me thousands of dollars, trying to do the work to ‘fix’ me because I mistakenly thought I was broken.

I constantly judged myself no matter what I did (or didn't do), and always made myself wrong, no matter what happened in my life.
I felt disempowered, disconnected, unsure of myself, insecure and lacked confidence.
I never thought I was good enough (a good enough daughter, sister, friend, partner), attractive enough, nice enough or smart enough- no matter what anyone told me.
I never felt like I fitted in, anywhere.
I would slip into the wrongness of me more often than I'd like to admit.
I had an extremely abusive relationship with my body and a crippling eating disorder for six years, because I constantly judged my body.
I attracted toxic relationships into my life.
I believed I was the least intuitive person on this planet.
I didn’t know the difference between my head and my heart and I leant on people for constant reassurance, and to make decisions for me because I never trusted myself to make the ‘right’ one.

I was clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety five years ago and would alienate myself from friends because I didn’t want anyone to have to ‘deal’ with my stuff- I didn’t understand what I was going through, how could they?

My mind was so overactive that I had regular panic attacks and would call in sick for work more often than I’d like to admit.

I over thought every situation I was in, even with a regular meditation practice.
I did what made others happy, and not myself.
And no matter how often I’d see a therapist, how many self-help books I read, personal development courses I attended, and healing modalities I studied, nothing seemed to change much, that is until I was introduced to Access Consciousness® and the Access Bars®.

What changed?

I was introduced to The Bars®
at the start of 2018 by my kinesiologist. She’d been talking about the modality for a while and how much I’d benefit from having a session, but I always found an excuse not to try it. I truly believed that because nothing had helped me up until that point, that nothing else could. 

Fast forward 6 months later, my kinesiologist contacted me saying that she was running a Bars class a week later and wondered if I’d like to join. I was reluctant to say yes, I wondered how touching a few points on my head would change much, but something inside of me light up at the thought of taking the class. So, I registered, having no idea that my whole life was about to change in the space of a day.

I remember when I got off the table at my first Access Bars® class I was a completely different woman. My monkey mind was silent, my mind was clear and I felt a sense of space I had never felt before. I felt a sense of me- the space, lightness, greatness and brilliance I truly be, which I'd never acknowledged or experienced before. The anxiety I felt before the session was a distant memory, and I was more relaxed than I could ever remember being. 

I remember jumping off the table and exclaiming, “This is what I desire to teach others! Why doesn't everyone know about this and how can I introduce it to the world?”

Where I am now?

I’m so grateful for the tools of Access Consciousness
and the Access Bars because for me, they’ve literally saved my life and changed things dramatically.

My life is now full of ease, joy and abundance.

Instead of going into wrongness and judgement of me, or trying to ‘fix’ myself, I now acknowledge what’s right about me.

I now nurture my body as though it’s my temple, no longer have an eating disorder and fuel my body with what it desires. Yes, your body has an innate knowing of it’s own.

My mind no longer controls me, and I barely hear it’s voice.

I no longer ‘have’ anxiety or depression. If I ever notice a lot of activity in my head or sadness I now ask, ‘Who does this belong to? Return to sender’ then voila, the sadness and thoughts are gone. More on that, here.
I built a relationship with my awareness / intuition, which strengthens every day - the awareness that exists within all of us.

I have attracted so many caring, kind and nurturing relationships into my life.

I’m now empowered and have taken control of my life, knowing I am the source of creating the life I desire.

I transformed my patterns of judgement, fear, lack and limitation.

I stopped living my life for everyone else and started saying yes to what brings me joy.

I’ve created a thriving Business and quit my professional Nursing job after 12 months of starting it. More on that here.

Since being introduced to the Access Bars® I've become an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator and wish to share these tools with the world! Because you know what…

Keeping yourself small and stuck isn’t serving anyone (least of all you), and it certainly served me no purpose!

Instead, I  am here to empower you to:

  • Clear the thoughts, feelings, emotions, limiting beliefs and doubt keeping you stuck
  • Create a beautiful relationship with your body and being, and learn to love you
  • Trust your own awareness and empower you to know that you know
  • Step into your potency and power
  • Create the life you always knew was possible - the life you deserve and have always been worthy of!
  • Realise that you have all the answers you’ll ever need inside of you.

So, if my story resonates with you, and my guidance sounds like something you’d benefit from, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with me! I look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you in person one day.

 With gratitude,

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