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What if your body was your best friend?

What if it was possible to change anything and everything with your body with ease?

What if it was possible to create the joy and communion with your body that you’ve always known should be possible?

The Access Consciousness Body Processes open the door to the change you’ve been asking for.

The Access Consciousness Body Processes are energetic hands-on processes that facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing, healing, longevity, change and transformation of the body.

I wonder what these body process could change for you?

Learn one of them, or learn them all.

How is your BOdy, today?

I would like more energy and money?
Great news. There are body processes that can unlock everything you’re holding in your body (points of view, judgments, decisions, programming) keeping you from creating limitless energy, money & possibilities. How does it get any better than that?
I can’t stop judging my body - help?!
Most of us are taught growing up that judgment is the way to create our bodies. And if we just judge our bodies enough they will finally change and look and feel the way we’d like them to. 

But has that ever worked for you? It doesn’t. Because judgment actually destroys. And the more we judge our bodies the more disconnected we become from them, and the harder it is to change what we’d like to change.

It’s the refined judgments we have of our bodies that keeps us from creating our bodies the way we would like them to show up. And a lot of these refined judgments are actually stored in our body.
What is possible for you and your sweet body beyond judgment?
I’d like my body to look younger and more youthful!
What if you can change absolutely anything, including the reversal of ageing? What if ageing was just a point of view? What if it didn’t have to be a reality for you?

So many of us are lead to believe that we don’t have any control over the ageing process, but is that actually true

Your point of view creates your reality, so what point of view do you have about ageing, keeping you from the vibrancy of youth?

Let’s build an immunity to ageing bodies, reserve the process of ageing and create a countenance of youth.
I’d like to tap into my talents and capacities?
When we are functioning from unconsciousness and judge our bodies, we cannot access our capacities. It is only through creating communion with and as our body that allows us to access all capacities beyond this reality.

 When we are trying to fit in with everyone else and never be as different as we are, we embody “normality”, which creates our lives from a space of mediocrity and keeps us from our brilliance and greatness!

 Is it time to tap into everything you are? Your talents, gifts, abilities and capacities that are unique to you?
My body is often in a lot of pain. 
Did you know that pain can be created from a lot of different causes?

Pain can be your body sending you a message and trying to tell you something. I wonder what your body is aware of? 

Suppressed potency very often shows up as pain, also. What are you holding and hiding in your body that if you didn’t would make you aware of a level of power, potency, capacity and magic that you’re not sure you could handle (or others could handle)? 

Tired and overworked muscles, trauma, ageing and other people’s judgments or imposed points of view can also create a shock system in your body and be the cause of pain!
I have a chronic condition / disease I’d like to heal.
There are circuits in our bodies that seem to hold in place a lot of the chronic conditions that people can’t get over. These open and closed circuits seem to have a lot to do with cancer and other diseases. 

There are also parts of our body where we hide disease / illness in.

The Square Root of -1 and Circuitry are both body process which can change / help with insomnia, arthritis, strengthening the immune system, chronic conditions and diseases.
I’ve taken a lot of drugs in my life and I’d like to clear anything that has been locked into my body / mind because of it.
Most people don’t recognise that if you have made any decisions, judgments or conclusions while on drugs or alcohol, you lose access to those decisions, judgments & conclusions and lock them in your body.

While on drugs,  you can perceive everyone’s insanity and you absorb the judgments from other people. The drugs turn on your awareness. Sometimes the door  just  stays  open. So instead of just having an awareness, you absorb everything and it sticks to you. As you come off the drugs, the sensory cortex closes and you never have any access to the decisions, judgements and conclusions you made, making it almost impossible to clear them.

These judgments, decisions and conclusions can be the reason certain things aren’t changing in your life.
I am a perfectionist and can’t let go of certain thoughts and emotions - it’s driving me insane!
Without recognising, we can embody past thoughts and emotions which make them challenging to clear them and let them go, no matter how much “work” we do.

 The seeking of perfection is something a lot of us “strive” for, however it only ever keeps us in a constant state of judgment of ourselves and in a loop we can’t get out of. 
I’d like to improve my eyesight.
Traumatic experiences to the eyes and bright lights can effect your eyesight. As well as a lot of other things. What If you could correct your vision with ease?
I (or someone I know) suffers from epilepsy and seizures.
Creating Beyond Disease & Chronic Conditions
Time / Location - TBA
I would like to lose some weight
In order to lose weight, you must first get out of judgement of your body. The more you judge your body, the further to take yourself away from being able to change it.

If you stopped judging your body, what would it be able to show up as? 

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