Empowering you to:

create paradise.. WITHIN.

Break free from your mind, self doubt & limiting beliefs to:

step into the most powerful version of you


transform love, life & self.


-> You were no longer controlled by your mind or limited by fear
-> You trusted yourself and let your intuition guide you.
-> You felt deeply worthy of all that you desire.
-> You knew you were enough, no matter what was occurring outside of you.
-> You loved yourself wholly and unconditionally.
-> You claimed the power & source within you.
-> You were clear on your purpose and what you desire to create this lifetime.
-> You believed in magic, miracles & infinite possibilities again.

Who would you step into & become?

And what might actually be possible to create as your life?

Is now the time to find out?

Are you ready to create your slice of paradise here on planet Earth?

Let me show you the way, my love..
Hi, I'm Ashlee.
An ex Registered Nurse turned globally recognised coach.
An Energy / Mindset & Relationship Coach, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Podcast Host & Speaker here to empower you to break-up with self-doubt, free yourself from your mind, heal your relationship with self (& others), reclaim your power & create a life that’s truly
L I M I T L E S S.

Over the last 5 years I have empowered hundreds of people in clearing the limiting beliefs, sub-conscious programming and thoughts in their head keeping them stuck, in order to reveal their infinite & untapped potential- not the walking problem they think they are!

What if you too, had the tools to change the course of your life, forever?

I'm here to guide you home to.. YOU.
"Because when you transform your inner world,
life begins thriving on the outside".
- Ashlee Rose

What if it was possible to elevate and expand your life beyond that which you ever imagined possible, and create your slice of paradise on planet Earth?

What if it was possible to liberate yourself from your mind, self-doubt, self-judgment and truly thrive?

Welcome to Elevate & Liberate Podcast.

Join Ashlee & her guests each week as they dive deep into transforming our inner worlds in order to create the life and love you crave.

Who are you really?

And what’s actually possible for you this lifetime?

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  • Ashlee has a gift beyond any other. Her capacity and commitment to her clients outshines anyone I have ever worked with. Her light, joy and knowing have guided and assisted me personally and within my business, which is now flourishing. Thank you Ashlee for the gift you be in my world.

    ⁃ Linda Neilson, Australia
  • Honestly, there are no words to describe what you are and your contribution, Ashlee. I really want to thank you from all my heart. You’ve changed my life in so many incredible ways and words can’t express how much gratitude I have for you. I adore you and you’re an amazing inspiration for the world. THANK YOU.

    ⁃ Gioia Sala, Italy
  • “I had a ping to do my third Foundation with Ashlee and I am so glad I didn’t go against my knowing. Ashlee has a way of facilitating that is different, she has no judgement, no point of view, she is kind and gentle. She can get to the stuff we have hiding deep down, without us even knowing till much later. I walked into this class one person, walked out another and then just continued to change. So grateful for Ashlee facilitating this class.”

    - Kylie Sanderson, Australia
  • Ashlee Rose has been such a gift in my life! Her facilitation is gentle yet very potent and in just 30 minutes she can help me shift and change things I have been stuck with for quite some time! And all of that with total ease! Thanks to the classes that I have taken with her, my financial reality, my relationship with me, other people and Entities have improved so much! She brings laughter and joy and I am so grateful for every conversation I get to have with her!

    ⁃ Kalina Petkova, Canada