with Ashlee Rose & Kirsten Morrison
Change is an inevitable part of life. We are always being given new opportunities for growth and transformation.

It’s in our nature to resist it, because change disrupts the comfort and familiarity we’ve created in our lives, but nothing is able to become greater if the only choice we make is to stay the same.

Often we don’t understand the process of metamorphosis, and in those moments it’s easy to choose self-sabotage, fear, doubt and uncertainty, as it can feel like everything you’ve come to know is being destroyed - and it is, to some degree!

However, it’s in the unknown that magic happens, but in order for that to occur we have to be willing to embrace what’s transforming and surrender to the process.

Join Kirsten Morrison and I for the first episode of Creating Beyond Podcasts rebrand, where we dive deep into the 3 stages of metamorphosis - Deliquesce, Transform & Revival - and tips to create ease through the process of uncovering more of you.
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