Let's Get Down To Business - 8 x Energy Exercises

AUD $200.00



English, Italiano, عربي, Español


January 30 - February 6


Online via Zoom


Audio & Video


What if there was an easier way?

A gentler and kinder way to expand your business?

Eight (8) x Guided Energetic Exercises To Expand Your Business With Ease.

Lie down, relax and allow these energetic exercises / energy pulls to shift, change and transform everything keeping your Business from expanding with ease!

Recordings included for you to listen to whenever required.


  • More Clients & Bigger Classes Please - A daily exercise to pull in more clients with ease.
  • Starting Fresh Each Day & Engaging With Your Business - Let’s destroy and uncreate everything your business was yesterday so you start fresh each day. A great exercise to do each morning to create a sustainable future, and create greater engagement and communion with your Business.
  • Creating With & Receiving From Entities - Are you including (and receiving) from all entities and energies that desire to contribute to you and support you in the expansion of your business? Let’s strengthen your muscle of receiving.
  • A Bigger Life - Are you asking for a big enough life? Money is a result of your asks, not what you do. Let’s get clear on the energy you desire to create as your life.
  • Nothing Is Working & I Want To Give Up - Help! - So your business / class / creations are stuck and you want to give up? Let’s change that!
  • Rich AF - Time to actualise more money than you know what to do with?
  • Acknowledging (& Receiving) The Gift Of You - Without acknowledgment, creation has no momentum. Without gratitude, business is not sustainable. Without being the gift, you cannot receive. Is now the time to actually like you, and go beyond the need of validation?
  • Ease With Showing Up & Be Seen - What if you began to include you in the world even more and allowed others to see you? How would that change your business? An exercise to go beyond the judgment of you and stories you tell yourself keeping you from showing up with ease.

Audio & video recordings so you can listen to them over again.

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