I want to guide you home to YOU;
to the part of you that’s..
To the part of you that knows no bounds.

To the place of infinite wholeness, magic, ease, joy, clarity and abundance.
& to see if we're the right fit.
    Alchemise //
"transform the nature or properties of (something) by a seemingly magical process".
Is now the time to alchemise what has always limited you, and kept you lopping back to the same "stuff" over and over again?
Is now the time to step into actualising a life you’re truly excited to get out of bed for? 

The life you've always known should be possible and never been able to create?

The life that may have “given” up on and decided is out of reach, or put in the “too hard basket”?
I'm here to empower you to actualise THAT reality. 
To bring what you've always known was possible, into physical form.
To stop buying into what’s “realistic”, and instead claim the life & relationships that the Universe has waiting for you!
What if it was actually possible to create beyond your mind, break-up with self doubt and feel confident, worthy, whole & empowered from within - and become magnetic to the life and relationships YOU desire?
Is now the time?
This 1:1 mentorship is a “choose your own adventure”.  Through using the tools of Access Consciousness I will empower you with the pragmatic questions and processes to unlock what’s keeping you stuck, stopping you from creating a life that’s limitless!

If you'd like to learn practical ways to live with greater self-love, personal power, abundance and magnetism this 1:1 mentorship is for you!

What if it was possible to skyrocket past all of your limitations and fully embrace and function from the infinite Being you be, where anything & everything is ALWAYS possible? Because it is!
All the details:
Your ‘choose your own adventure’ will include:

8 x 60 minute 1:1 Clarity Sessions (via Zoom).
You will come together with Ashlee every 1-2 weeks. In these sessions, you will receive transformative coaching support, tools, practices, intuitive guidance and help from Ashlee to break through what is holding you back and learn new ways of being.

Access to Ashlee in between sessions.
Where you’ll be able to connect, share and have support from Ashlee as you change and expand.

3 x Personalised Energy Exercises / Guided Meditations.
To exponentialise the change, and allow you to step into a new way of Being.

Recordings of each session.
For you to rewatch so that you can take notes, integrate your learnings and keep the sessions to revisit at any time.
our 4-month adventure:
-> $3500 AUD
paid in full.
-> $925 AUD / month
over 4 months.
Next step is you book a chat below (and fill out a few questions). We'll see if we vibe and if what I offer is what you desire, and going to be a contribution for you and your unique journey. The call is a free no-obligation call, so if you have any questions or are curious, let's chat.
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