Kick Start Your Business - 1:1 Business Program

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Online via Zoom

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Lost, stuck or confused with your business?

Not sure where to next?

Desiring greater clarity with what’s required to expand it with ease?

Sick of doing, more doing, force & effort, and never seeming like it’s getting you anywhere?

Wanting to give up and quit?

Desire to start a business and overwhelmed with where to even begin?

Or maybe you desire some clarity on upcoming creations? Someone to extrapolate idea's with? Get clear on pricing?

Maybe you would like to learn how to communicate with your business? Hear the whispers, give up hard work, and let it show you the way?

We can go anywhere in this mini program, and you can ask Ashlee anything! Bring what's up for you, and let's get clarity and change it.

You schedule sessions via a booking link when it suits you.

Online via Zoom

Audio & video recordings of each session

$1295 -> $995 AUD
If you'd like to pay in 2 instalments you can do so here.
First instalment is $500, and the remaining $500 14 days after your first.


Is the program for me?

This is a short 1:1 program to "kick-start" you & your business in the direction you desire to go next, and put the spark, enthusiasm and fun back into your business. It's created by you, for you. These are examples of places we can go:

  • Clear what’s keeping your business from expanding
  • Communicate with your business & get clear on what’s next (and what’s working for it & not)
  • Extrapolate on upcoming creations
  • Talk about systems / structures / teams and what's required to up-level your business
  • Be facilitated to greater ease with showing up & being seen
  • Clear money stuff
  • Speak about all of the above
  • Or bring ANY questions you have about Business - even if that's "I'm lost, stuck & confused", or "I have no clue what's next or what's required to expand my business?"

All that's required is for you to show up and we follow the energy.

What do we talk about? Are there topics?

That's completely up to you! You can ask Ashlee anything about Business. There are no set topics to discuss. Where we go in these sessions will depends on the questions you bring to each session, even if that question is "Help - I'm lost and stuck and don't know what's next?". Ashlee follows the energy in these sessions, and empowers you to tap into the Entity of your business and listen to it's desires & needs.

How many sessions are included?

Your payment gifts you 180 minutes of session time with Ashlee, which you can use in any way you wish, depending on your requirements. Some sessions may require more time, and others may just be a 15-minute facilitation session for something that's surfaced.

When do I have my sessions / how do I book?

That's completely up to you! Once you make payment, you will receive a link to schedule 15, 30 or 60-minute sessions whenever you desire. Ashlee just keeps track of the minutes you've used, and the program is finished when you've used up your session time.

Where do the sessions take place?

Online via Zoom.

What happens when I make payment?

Once you make payment you will receive an automated email with links to book your sessions & links to fill out a survey to gift you greater clarity with where you're business is at.

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