October 26-30 | Relationships Done Different

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ONLINE via Zoom, Live in Doonan, Sunshine Coast


October 26-30 @ 9:30am - 12:30pm AEST



What if there was something different possible and available when it came to relationships?

What have you always known should be possible and never been empowered with the tools to create?

What if you could actually have ease within your friendships, with your family, your children, with your lover, husband / wife and with work colleagues?

What if you could melt all the walls, barriers, wrongness and judgment keeping you from actually liking you, and changing all your relationships in the process?

What if you could have way more fun and experience way more joy within all of your relationships, and actually create a phenomenal relationship with.. YOU?

Imagine trusting you, discovering what's actually true for you, honouring you, never giving yourself up for another, being in allowance of you, and actually being grateful for you no matter what! How would that change your world?

What would it be like to go beyond separation, judgment and rejection (of you first and foremost), have total clarity with what works for you in relationship and clear limiting beliefs and programming stopping you from creating / calling in the relationship/s you desire?

Join Ashlee for this 3-day masterclass held over 5 days, live or online.

Key areas of change during this class:


You’ve heard that you cannot love another (or create relationships that work) until you love yourself, but what does loving yourself actually look like or mean? And how do you actually do it?

For any relationship not to be working, you have to have somewhere eliminated the five elements of intimacy - honour, trust, allowance, gratitude or vulnerability. Deep dive into these elements and clear everything keeping you from actually cultivating self-love & true intimacy with another. Is now the time to start treating yourself the way you should have been treated, not the way you were?


Be introduced to the information you should have been empowered with from day 1, to access the clarity within relationship you’ve been seeking - what works for you, what’s true for you, what kind of relationships you’d actually like to have in your life. Until you have clarity in this area, you’ll keep creating relationships against you, rather than for you.


What if relationships have stuck you, or haven’t worked for you up until now, because the way you’ve been functioning is not actually not you?

So many of us grow up and re-create our relationships based on what we saw our parents choose - “I saw it, I grew up with it, that must be how to create a relationship” - which keeps us looping back to the same patterns in relationships we’re looking to change. Is now the time to discover what your reality within relationship truly is? And stop mimicking your parents stuff?


Through the pragmatic tools, clearings and information you’re introduced to in this class you will begin to access true freedom. Freedom beyond your mind, from head-tripping & into the infinite possibilities that are actually available to you within all of your relationships.

October 26-30 @ 9:30am - 12:30pm AEST. Your local time here.

Doonan, Sunshine Coast QLD
Online via Zoom

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