Talk To The Entities® Intro - Recording

How much energy do you use to block your awareness of the spirit world?

Talk to The Entities is the introduction to seeing the world in a whole new way.

What if the spirit world was not something to fear, but rather something that you could include in your life, that would contribute to creating it as something greater?

What if you could learn to communicate with past loved ones, clear spirits that were not contributing to you, receive from them, and even co-operate with them with ease?

During this two-hour introduction class, you will begin to clear any limitations that prevent you creating that as a reality.

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This class is in English
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*This product includes the tools of Talk To The Entities® & Access Consciousness™. Click the links to find out more about both.

**This TTTE Product does not count towards fulfilling TTTE Core Class prerequisites. All TTTE prerequisites must be fulfilled in a live or online class with a certified TTTE Facilitator. 

***TTTE is not liable or responsible for the content of this product.

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