How are your relationships?

With your partner (if you have one), with your parents, with your friends, with your kids and colleagues? 
Are they amazing? Great? Just fine? Ok? Could be better…

Wherever you are right now when it comes to your relationships, what if there is actually way more possible?

What if there is a different way of creating all of your relationships? And what if it starts with you having a relationship with... you?

In the Relationship Done Different classes you will be given simple and pragmatic tools designed to empower you to create relationships that actually work for you, and to create something greater than you ever imagined possible.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or not sure if you’d like one, this class has got something for everyone in it..

Relationship was a topic that I’d decided I’d sucked at.. big time.

I remember turning 29 and thinking that I was just going to have to accept that I may never be “happy” or satisfied in relationship this lifetime.

And as much as that was hard to swallow, I knew somewhere within the depths of my very Being that something else was possible, I just didn’t know what that looked like yet.

From the age of 17 I had been one and off with multiple partners (running back to my exes whenever I could). I made whoever I was dating the source of my life and gave myself (and my dreams) up for them, totally lost myself in the process, spent 98% of my time in my head thinking about whether my relationships were right or wrong for me, and had no clue where to begin when it came to “loving” myself.

I had heard a lot of “experts” and coaches say that you had to love yourself in order to love others, yet each time I did a class or course on self-love I seemed to get more and more confused as to what that even looked like.

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During the last years of my 20’s trying to “find myself” again my relationships became less and less fun and the only option I thought I had was to leave my partner..

That was until I was introduced to the tools of Relationships Done Different in April 2019, when everything changed.

I stopped giving myself up in my relationship, I found me, I began working towards my dreams (and have since created a successful Business), I learnt what loving myself actually looked like.. and I did all of this whilst in a relationship with my partner at the time.

I was empowered to know that something else different was available when it comes to relationship, and that change didn’t have to be a long or difficult road.

I was empowered to know that I wasn’t wrong (or doomed), and introduced to simple and pragmatic tools that allowed me to clear limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck.

What would it be like if all of the relationships in your life could change and become greater, with ease?

What would it be like if you were finally empowered to know what loving yourself actually looked like? And in turn, create way more fun and joy in every relationship you’re in - the relationship with your lover (if you have one), friends, family, children, work colleagues and most importantly YOURSELF!

I invite you to join me for the class that changed it all for me.


  • Create conscious relationships?
  • Manifest and attract relationships that work for you?
  • Create more ease and joy in all of your relationships- including with family, friends, work colleagues, lovers, children?
  • Clear imitating beliefs stopping you from creating true gratitude, honour, trust, allowance, and vulnerability within all of your relationships (especially the relationship you have with you)?
  • Get out of judgment of you?
  • Get clarity on what you’d like a relationship to look like for you?
  • Go beyond projection, expectation, separation and rejection?
  • Create beyond past life and family programming?

Yes? Find a Relationships Done Different class today!

Class formats:

Intro Class: 2 hours
Masterclass: 3 days

Where: Live in Person & Online via Zoom

Pre-requisites: NIL

Australian residents: $190 AUD
All other residents: $190 USD | 190 €*

Australian residents: $1900 AUD
All other residents: $2070 USD | 2070 €*

*Prices are in 100% country pricing. For your price go here.

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"When I met Ashlee in the online space I knew that her energy and being was calling me. She is beautiful inside and out! I have attended the Relationships Done Different Masterclass with her, which was a milestone and a humongous leap in my life. I was single for 9 years and I really required to look at where I was functioning from, to be able to change what I desired to change. After the Masterclass, I was able to let go the need and want of relationship and became total space and allowance for what is. That I am a whole and all is well. I was a clean canvas and ready to receive what/who showed up in my life. Two months later, my Princess charming knocked on my door, ready for an Access Bars swap. Now we are a happy couple, creating a life together with joy!
I know I know - it sounds like a fairy tale - but what if life really is a fairy tale and everything we can imagine is possible? I can’t recommend Ashlee and her classes and creations enough. Absolutely life and world changing what she is doing! Thank YOU Ashlee (the fairy godmother)"
- Brigetta David, Hungary -
"The Relationship Done Different class I attended with Ashlee was a total game changer.
I went from questioning whether my marriage was going to last to being in a space of total gratitude and love for my husband and children.
By the end of the 3 days I had a deep sense of inner peace and more love in my heart. This class has the power to change every area of your life.
Ashlee’s facilitation is a magical gift. Highly recommend!!”
- Janine Steele, Australia -
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