For those ready to cultivate healthier, happier, more secure, deeply connected & conscious relationships.

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What does that word bring up for you?

Joy, communion, ease and peace? Or doubt, judgment, wrongness, despair or total avoidance?

I don’t just mean your relationships outside of you, I also mean your relationship with you!

Relationship can be an incredibly complex, time consuming and confusing area in a lot of our lives.. and what if it didn’t have to be?

So many of us grow up having no clue how to create relationships that actually work for us, or what that even means.

The thing is, the relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship in your life, but most of us have spent our lives making everyone else the source of our lives (and happiness) over ourselves, and then wonder why our lives don’t look the way we desire, no matter how much “work” we do.

Trying to understand what we desire within relationship, what’s true for us and who we actually are (beyond who we’ve decided we are & everyone else’s judgments, projections and expectations of us)—can seem incredibly overwhelming. And that’s exactly what this program was created for: to empower you to reclaim.. YOU.

What if there was something totally different and possible when it came to relating with others (& the Universe) - and creating the communion and peace that you always knew should be possible?

If you were actually empowered with the tools and information you should have been given from day 1, what might be possible for you in the area of relationship then?

Whether you’re single, taken, experiencing a break-up, married, or have no clue what you desire - what if it’s not too late?

What if what you’ve actually been searching for (and seeking) within all of your relationships was.. YOU?
A 12 WEEK PROGRAM to set you free of doubt, despair, dissatisfaction & wrongness in the area of relationship and empower you with the information and tools you should have been given from day 1.

Is now the time for all of the relationships in your life to change and become greater, with ease?


*Spaces have sold out every round this program has been run.


Have you ever asked yourself?

Will I ever be happy in relationship?

Will I ever be satisfied in relationship?

How do I create greater connection & intimacy in my relationship?

Is it possible to heal and open myself up to love again?
Is it possible to actually feel secure within myself?
Am I good enough to be in a relationship?

Am I the problem? Or is it them?

Am I destined to recreate my families history for the rest of my life?

How do I manifest better relationships in my life?

Is there “a one” for me?

How do I love myself? What does that even mean?

How do I heal myself from the past?

Should I just give up? Am I doomed?

Is he / she right or wrong for me?

Will it ever get easier?

Are my standards “too high”? Am I being unrealistic?

What if the grass is actually greener?

How do I create relationships that work for me? What does that even look like?

If you've answered 'YES' to one or more of these questions, you're in the right place!
What people are saying.

Wendy Dursten

- Australia

"Thank you Ashlee, for being willing to lead us where your awareness took us. You have changed my life and I am so grateful.

The one area of my life that I had resisted looking at for 11+ years was relationship. 

During the program we looked at so many different topics, and the flow of the calls (that you were aware was required) was amazing - each call building on the other. 

Since the program, there's now so much more ease, joy and relaxation in my life, being and body. 

It amazes me on a daily basis how much I have changed over the weeks, which is still ongoing. Now I am really willing to make choices that are going to make my life and living so much more fun. Something I struggled to see 6 months ago but had a glimmer it was possible".

Ivanka Nightingale

- Australia

"To say that the program is transformative is an understatement.

Ashlee is an incredible facilitator that embodies ease, space, joy, allowance and lightness even in the challenging and “heavier” topics that come up. She is so present with the energy and has a gift of bringing the group through the dark to the other side where different possibility and light are available.

This program has pulled together parts of me to experience greater communion.

Whenever I now feel that there is something wrong with me, I actually have ease with it. I acknowledge the insanity. Ask questions. I have more space, more ease, more being, more allowance – of me and with others.

I remind myself every day - my job is to receive the gift of me. I am a gift.

I notice the judgments are not playing around in my head and I have greater communication with my body - much more ease.

For the first time I am asking questions about what I would like to create and what works for me.

I can’t wait to go through the program in my own time again as every time I listen to the recordings I gain access to more of me".

Leah Guest

- Australia

"Words really can’t describe just how amazing it has been to journey with Ashlee, and the other amazing ladies, in the program.

I’ve found myself telling people, I feel like a new version of ME every day!

Ashlee’s knowing of what is ‘sticking you’ is a gift, and her guidance to help you work with it and do your ‘inner work’ quickly and with ease, is a credit to the amazing being that she is.

Being part of this program has helped me accept all of me with less judgement and more kindness, and to be open to receiving relationships that are a contribution to me.

I recommend anyone who is ready to stop hiding and wanting to shine their unique and amazing light even brighter, to follow their awareness to work with Ashlee, you won’t regret it!"

Brigitta David

- Hungary

"When I met Ashlee in the online space I knew that her energy and being was calling me. She is beautiful inside and out! I have attended the Relationships Done Different Masterclass with her, which was a milestone and a humongous leap in my life.

I was single for 9 years and I really required to look at where I was functioning from, to be able to change what I desired to change.

After class, I was able to let go the need and want of relationship and became total space and allowance for what is. That I am a whole and all is well. I was a clean canvas and ready to receive what/who showed up in my life. 

Two months later, my Princess charming knocked on my door, ready for an Access Bars swap. Now we are a happy couple, creating a life together with joy!

I know I know - it sounds like a fairy tale - but what if life really is a fairy tale and everything we can imagine is possible?

I can’t recommend Ashlee and her classes and creations enough. Absolutely life and world changing what she is doing! Thank YOU Ashlee (the fairy godmother)."


Unlearn your cultural conditioning / programming / family patterns and throw limiting beliefs in the garbage. Let's destroy everything stopping you from creating rocking relationships!
Deep-dive into how your conscious self operates. Find out who you actually are (not the you you've decided you are), and what's true for you (rather than what's true for everybody else around you that you've bought as your own).
Bring your wildest dreams to life. Create the relationships you've always known should be possible (but never had the tools to create). This is where the fun really begins!


-> Release subconscious programming / conditioning holding you back, keeping you from creating the relationships you’ve always known were possible.

-> Heal your mother and father wounds and patterns from your past.

-> Learn how to strengthen your intuition (awareness) and trust yourself, so your inner voice can guide your life.

-> Gain clarity on what is actually true for you and what you desire to create as relationship.

-> Learn the secrets of manifestation, and how to attract people into your life who are more nourishing than you ever imagined possible.

-> Create healthy, secure, loving, deeply connected & conscious relationships with others.

-> Learn how to stop judging yourself and actually like.. YOU.

-> Discover what’s been holding you back, and “why” certain situations / people have shown up in your life to date.

-> Empower you to know, that you know.

-> Fill yourself up from within.

-> Stop reacting to everything occurring outside of you (especially with others) and dissolve defensiveness - the key to greater connection.

-> Gift yourself the validation you’re seeking from others.

-> Release patterns of people-pleasing, self-doubt, rejection & comparison.

-> Find a sense of calm, security, wholeness and contentment from within yourself.

-> Feel greater levels of joy, self-worth and confidence.

-> Open yourself up & learn how to receive more of yourself - the key to receiving more of everything, including the relationships you desire.

-> Learn how to have greater ease with people.


-> You often feel stuck, overwhelmed and held back by limiting beliefs, self-doubt and fear and you would love support to get to the root cause of your inner blocks so you can heal and release them and create the life (and relationships) you deeply crave.

-> You notice yourself keep repeating the same patterns in relationships (with friends and in romantic relationships), and you’d like to finally create beyond them and call in healthy, nourishing relationships where you feel honoured, seen, adored, received and able to be all of yourself.

-> You often feel (or have been feeling) lost, unclear, unfulfilled and disconnected from yourself & others and are unsure what is causing it, and want to learn how to create happier, more conscious, satisfying, expansive, secure & deeply connected relationships.

->  You struggle with self-love, and instead often find yourself criticising and judging yourself rather than speaking to yourself in kind and empowering ways.

-> You want to break the habit of seeking externally for love, validation and approval, comparing yourself and worrying what others think, and instead experience a deep sense of self-love, acceptance, self-worth and confidence in who you are.

-> You have a noisy, active mind which creates anxiety and overwhelm and makes it hard to hear your intuition and find clarity and answers within yourself.

-> You want to feel deeply connected to your intuition so you can experience deeper self-trust and always know what is right for you in any moment.

-> You're soo tired of people-pleasing, being the good girl / boy, making people relevant and toning yourself down and you’re ready to reclaim the parts of yourself that you have hidden away.

-> You want to step into your full potency so you can speak your truth, raise your standards, express your true self and receive what you truly desire.


Beyond Your Mother & Father

Most of us grow up re-creating our parents reality (and insanities) in relationship. A lot of us even base our relationships upon the parent who loved us the least. If you out created your parents insanities within relationship, what space and ease would be available to you then?

Beyond “Not-Enoughness” & Inadequacy - Choosing Yourself

We’re never enough — never rich enough, thin enough, good enough, healthy enough, even successful enough… or so our culture would lead us to believe. It’s a perpetual state of lack and “less than” that keeps us from receiving the gift we are (and truly loving ourselves), no matter what is occurring in our external environment (or who has rejected us). This week we will learn to cultivate "enoughness", and flip old messages and life experiences that once made you feel you had to change yourself in order to be loved by others, so you never settle for less again.

Relieving Suffering by Taking Accountability

Einstein says, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results".
Most people spend their lives being frustrated with their love lives, wondering why things aren't changing and why patterns keep repeating themselves. As painful as it can be, taking accountability and being willing to recognise (and become aware of) thought patterns, behaviours, stories, fears and beliefs that are creating your reality, is the first step to changing everything!

Goodbye Doubt, Hello Trust

Is it time to say goodbye to doubt and head-tripping, and actually trust what you know? What would change in all of your relationships (including your relationship with money, business, your body) if you actually trusted you?

Let's Get Clear

What are you doing relationship for? What do you desire to create as relationship? And what actually works for you? Until you’re clear on this, you’ll keep creating relationships against you, rather than for you.

Creating Beyond Need & Validation

Your need to be validated makes it impossible to receive how brilliant you actually are. Is it time to stop looking through other people’s eye’s to validate your worth and consequently, your existence? Imagine never requiring validation again? Or needing others to see you for you to receive you? Or making other people’s opinions of you, relevant? Oh, the freedom!

Receiving From Men (& Women) - Dissolving Comfortable Distance

What is true caring? What is true kindness? And what contribution are you refusing to receive from others that would contribute to you becoming more? How much have you been creating all of your relationships (with money, your body, the Universe, with your partner) based on the distance you’re comfortable with, so you never have to receive.. YOU?

Peace With YOU (& Others) - Dissolving Defensiveness & Conflict

You’ve done lots of classes / workshops, had multiple sessions and the same stuff keeps surfacing? This week will be a game changer! Beyond the presumptive realities and needs of reactive realties you have about you (and relationships), lies the peace you’ve been searching for. 

The Keys To Liking You - Accessing Greater Connection Within All of Your Relationships

The five elements of intimacy are honour, trust, gratitude, vulnerability & allowance, and are the keys to creating a great relationship with.. YOU (first and foremost). You’ve heard lots of people speak about these elements, but what are they really? What if they were no longer just words or something you’ll “get to”, and you actually had them with you? Imagine waking up and actually liking who you are? Imagine valuing being kind to you more than judging you?

Communication Beyond The Words

What is true communication? How do you actually communicate? What ease can you have with communication within relationship that you’ve never been empowered to know?

The Keys To Actualising Creationships

Creationship is where two people play together to create a greater life. Whether it be friendships or romantic relationships, imagine if everyone who stepped into your life from now on had your back, received you, was kind, caring and nurturing, and invited you to more of YOU. Learn the tools to pull them in (and cultivate these relationships) with EASE.

Humanoids, Sex & Sexualness

What’s different about your reality with sex that you’ve never been empowered to know? What if sex could actually be enjoyable and fun, and an area of your life you no longer judged you for?

& much more based on your questions and what you'd like to get out of the program!


12 x 75 minute LIVE group coaching sessions to empower you to clear the beliefs, judgments & conclusions that are keeping you stuck, and give you tools to create your reality with relationship. You'll have the chance to ask Ashlee any questions, and work through whatever you'd like to change - no questions are off limits.

An online community that has your back, who you can utilise as much as you desire to further empower and support you on anything that’s coming up for you between our sessions. You’re not alone in this!

A PDF of homeplay each week (questions, tools and clearings) related to the weekly topic to further empower you to clear what's keeping you stuck.


12-week group relationship coaching program
Small group - limited to 20 spaces
12 x group coaching sessions via Zoom (valued at $1800)
Private Telegram group - for ongoing support and empowerment ($500)
Homeplay each week (PDF) - put into practice what you've learnt ($600)
(If paid-in-full before November 18)
Refresh & Reset: 7 x Guided Energy Exercises (valued at $300)


IS NOW THE TIME to unf*ck yourself?



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One-time payment

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$2195 AUD

PLUS: 3 x 30 minute 1:1 sessions where we can speak to ANY topic
Sessions never expire
SAVE: $200 AUD if paid before November 18th @ 11:59pm AEST.
BONUS: Pay-in-full before November 18th and receive $300 AUD in guided energy exercises
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What others are saying.

Nicole Hansen

- Switzerland

"This program has changed my world. I'm so grateful to have been able to start my consciousness journey with Ashlee. 

Attending calls once a week was brilliant for me to “digest” things and every time I thought that was the most amazing call so far, next one topped it.

I have had so many awarenesses during this program that have completely set me free of so many limiting beliefs.

I’m now able to receive and perceive my awareness (intuition) and know what’s true for me.

Ashlee is so present and such a gift and always follows the energy to bring us all closer to see the gift we all are."

Colleen Fitzelle

- Canada

"I made a demand 6 months ago to stay committed to whatever it takes to have me and Ashlee showed up!

I am so grateful; there are no accurate words to describe the gift of me I have received through attending this program.

My body cannot stop smiling as e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g Ashlee teaches, shares and points to is us having us first, and then the rest shows up. This is what the UnF*ck Yourself Program will show you, so you can have you.

Ashlee embodies the energy, space & consciousness that we BE as Infinite Beings so much so that I became aware that I had been DOing Access, not BEing Access and the tools, so how could I ever have me?".

Aimee Wade


"Joining the UnF*ck Yourself program has absolutely been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I now have a new sense of inner-peace, self-appreciation and trust in me, and the tools to keep me there.

Ashlee has a truly unique and powerful way of facilitating the most complex of topics by cutting to the heart of an issue to provide inspiration, clarity and gentle guidance.

This program covers a wide range of multi-facted topics, and each session gifted me with a sense of empowerment and expansion into new possibilities unlike anything else".

What is the live call schedule?

Calls are weekly.

The call schedule will be announced once doors to the program have closed. 

This schedule will be created based on everyone's timezone who is joining us, to make sure each individual can make it live each week if they desire.

Is this relationship program for couples or singles?

UnF*ck Yourself is for everyone. Whether you're currently in a relationship, single, going through a break-up or have no clue what it is you desire, this program is for you.

So much of "the work" in relationships actually begins and ends with cultivating a great relationship with self. Unless you cultivate a strong foundation with self, you will never be able to call in (and actualise) the relationships you truly desire and deserve - whether that be friendships, romantic relationships - or cultivate more connection and communion in your current relationships.

If you would like to explore your own relationship patterns and up-skill every area of your relational intelligence, transforming all of your relationships in the process, then this program is for you!

What if I miss a live group call, or can't attend?

If you cannot attend a live group call you will be invited to submit a question in advance and Ashlee can offer you coaching support on the call in response.

Every call is recorded and replays are available within 24 hours in your recoridngs folder, so even if you cannot make it live you can catch up on the call replay in your own time.

What is the cancellation & refund policy?

You have up to the end of week 2 (December 13) to cancel the program and receive a full refund (minus the cost of the bonuses - if you received them) if you decide the program is not for you.
If I pay just the deposit, how to I pay for the remainder of the program?

Once you secure your place in the program by paying the deposit, you will receive an automated email with links to pay for the remainder of the email via either credit card, Paypal, or by direct deposit.

Full payment must be made before the commencement of the program on November 23.
How much support do I receive throughout the program?

You will receive unlimited support throughout the enitre program via a Telegram group.

This group will contain all those attending the program, and you can submit any questions (or anything that surfaces) that you desire more clarity on, that Ashlee will answer.
Is this a live or self-paced program?

UnF*ck Yourself is a live 12-week group program with weekly live group calls. You will move through the live journey with Ashlee and a community of like-minded people.


Relationship was a topic that I’d decided I’d sucked at.. big time.
I remember turning 29 and thinking that I was just going to have to accept that I may never be “happy” or satisfied in relationship this lifetime.

And as much as that was hard to swallow, I knew somewhere within the depths of my very Being that something else was possible, I just didn’t know what that looked like yet.

From the age of 17 I had been on and off with multiple partners (running back to my exes whenever I could). I made whoever I was dating the source of my life and gave myself (and my dreams) up for them, totally lost myself in the process, spent 98% of my time in my head thinking about whether my relationships were right or wrong for me, and had no clue where to begin when it came to “loving” myself.

I had heard a lot of “experts” and coaches say that you had to love yourself in order to love others, yet each time I did a class or course on self-love I seemed to get more and more confused as to what that even looked like.

During the last years of my 20’s trying to “find myself” again my relationships became less and less fun and the only option I thought I had was to leave my partner..

That was until I was introduced to the tools of Relationships Done Different in April 2019, when everything changed.

I stopped giving myself up in my relationship, I found me, I began working towards my dreams (and have since created a successful Business), I learnt what loving myself actually looked like.. and I did all of this while still in a relationship.

I was empowered to know that something else different was available when it comes to relationship, and that change didn’t have to be a long or difficult road.

I was empowered to know that I wasn’t wrong (or doomed), and introduced to simple and pragmatic tools that allowed me to clear limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck.

What would it be like if all of the relationships in your life too could change and become greater with ease?

IS NOW THE TIME to unf*ck yourself?



Two payments

$200 AUD

Can't pay-in-full but want to secure your spot.
Remainder of payment due before the program commences on November 30.
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One-time payment

$1895 AUD

$1695 AUD

SAVE: $200 AUD if paid before November 18th @ 11:59pm AEST
BONUS: Pay-in-full before November 18th and receive $300 AUD in guided energy exercises.
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One-time payment

$2395 AUD

$2195 AUD

PLUS: 3 x 30 minute 1:1 sessions where we can speak to ANY topic
Sessions never expire
SAVE: $200 AUD if paid before November 18th @ 11:59pm AEST.
BONUS: Pay-in-full before November 18th and receive $300 AUD in guided energy exercises.
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Vicki Yap-Khaw

- Australia

"The Unf*ck Yourself Program was a deep dive into myself and a deep energetic cleanse.

Ashlee and her keen awareness, gave me so many insights about me and where I was "tricking", "cheating" and "lying" to MYSELF, all because I never wanted to be rejected or abandoned.

Warning: Don't do this program unless you are prepared to change and be free".

Judy Wooff

- Canada

"I am super grateful to you and your incredible facilitation, Ashlee!

The program has been a game changer. I have received the power, potency and ease of acknowledging MY reality.

During the program I received clear and concise ways to strengthen the muscles required for having my own reality of possibilities while living in this reality.

I have been ‘doing’ Access Consciousness to the best of my ability for 11 years and Ashlee’s facilitation brought all of that cognitive knowledge into my body at a cellular level.

Ashlee facilitates with allowance and vulnerability, and weaves the tools of Talk To The Entities, Right Voice For You and Relationships Done Different into the program all of which created greater consciousness for us".

Janine Steele

- Australia

"The Relationship Done Different class I attended with Ashlee was a total game changer. 

I went from questioning whether my marriage was going to last to being in a space of total gratitude and love for my husband and children. 

By the end of the 3 days I had a deep sense of inner peace and more love in my heart. This class has the power to change every area of your life. 

Ashlee’s facilitation is a magical gift. Highly recommend!!”
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