Welcome to the most relaxing, de-stressing, well-being technique you may have never heard of... Access Bars®
The Access Bars® or ‘The Bars’ is an energetic hands-on technique that is practiced in over 179 countries worldwide.

The Bars are 32 points on the head ('bars' of energy) that run through and around your head that correspond to different areas of your life. These 32 points store all the thoughts, feelings, emotions and limiting beliefs that you’ve taken on board or created, in any lifetime.
During an Access Bars® session the 32 Bars points are lightly touched by a practitioner. This process begins to clear the electromagnetic charge of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that have limited you in your life, that have kept you looping back to the same ‘problems’ over and over again- whether that be with money, your body, in your relationships, your business, with your family etc.

Put simply, The Bars delete the files stored in your brain that are limiting you from creating the life you’ve always known is possible.

The Bars® have assisted thousands of people in changing things they thought were unchangeable. After a Bars session, people report:

  • Relief from stress, anxiety, PTSD and depression.
  • Relief from childhood and emotional trauma.
  • Greater fun, peace, ease and joy in every aspect of their life.
  • An easier time for kids and adults in social, academic and emotional situations.
  • Improved health | Weight loss
  • Greater connection and joy within relationships
  • Improved sleep | Increased motivation
  • People or situations that once ‘drove them nuts’ no longer bother them or cause problems.
  • A heightened awareness (intuition), and much more.
  • I wonder what a Bars session could change for you?
Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? That’s what you will experience during an Access Bars® session with Ashlee.

An Access Bars session will last approximately 60 minutes , and each one will be different, even if you repeat with the same practitioner. There is no ‘normal’ Access Bars session, but what is most often reported is that there is a sense of complete relaxation. Many people go to sleep – even in a very noisy environment. Some people have images come to them, others feel sensations in their bodies such as buzzing, tingling, warmth or shivers.

Become a certified Access Bars Practitioner in one-day

Class includes:

  • Gift and receive two Access Bars sessions
  • Receive a comprehensive manual and two-coloured head charts to assist you in running Access Bars sessions after class
  • A Certificate of completion
  • Facilitation by Ashlee
  • Viewing of a DVD with founder Gary Douglas and co-founder Dr Dain Heer personally demonstrating the Access Bars technique
  • And, snacks, fun, camaraderie, laughter!
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  • “I took an Access Bars class with Ashlee and so much has shifted for me in a short amount of time. I am moving forward in a way I never would have had the courage to do before. I have been inspired and empowered to start a business as an Access Bars Practitioner. Life flows with so much more ease at home and in personal relationships.
    I can’t thank Ashlee enough for being an inspiring teacher and connecting me to the Bars! Take the step, you won’t regret it.”
  • “I’ve never met such a beautiful and wonderfully unique person. I was drawn to Ashlee’s energy from the very day I came across her Access Bars class event on Facebook and have always felt so comfortable in her presence. Since the very first day I ever had a Bars session, my life started to change. I moved to the Sunshine Coast from being born & bred in Central Queensland, I’ve become an Access Bars Practitioner myself & my choices in life have come with such ease and clarity. I’m so much calmer and happier these days & it just keeps getting better & better”
  • “I met Ashlee at an expo and went on to have a few Access Bars sessions with her before deciding to take the Access Bars Class. I had an amazing day and met some wonderful people who I continue to catch up with for swaps. Ashlee is so incredibly supportive and has a real passion for what she does. I’ve been noticing the difference that running the Access Bars for my family has made in their lives and I look forward to starting my own business and helping others in the greater community. I took the Foundation Class with Ashlee the other week and the insights and clarity gained from that four day experience are invaluable. I highly recommend Ashlee to anyone wanting to take classes in Access Consciousness. She is an amazing facilitator. So grateful to you Ashlee xx”

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